EPA just issued a change to NSPS Subpart IIII.  EPA has proposed a revision to the New Source Performance Standards for diesel engines (40 CFR 60 Subpart IIII) that aligns the definition of “remote areas of Alaska” with that in 40 CFR 63 Subpart ZZZZ.  Although many of our clients are already truly off the FAHS, some customers, particularly those in areas of Alaska served by the Alaska Marine Highway System and on the road system in Alaska will be able to utilize exemptions previously allowed for non-FAHS facilities.  This includes meeting the Marine engine standards of 40 CFR 1042 rather than those for non-road engines, and the option to meet the requirements for emergency engines when installing a stationary mainline unit.  This rectifies a problem for some facilities that were exempt from the HAP reduction requirements in ZZZZ, but were still held to the strict Tier 4 emission standards that would apply to sources that are actually served by the FAHS.  In most cases this would allow “remote” Alaskan facilities to avoid needing SCR on new engines. Comments are due to EPA no later than December 21, 2015.  You can read the Federal Registry entry here.


following are select Presentations from the 2015 EUEC Conference in San Diego, CA.

2015 Regulatory Topics

2015 Challenges for El.Utilities

El. Generation Env. Issues

NSR-Current Events

Capital Projects Planning


HG-Control Technologies


Startup,Shutdown,Malfunction Provisions


 AQ-Compl. Mgmt-Rural Utilities

Energy Storage Options

Energy Storage Options – Overview

Molten Salt Energy for Power Plants

Liqu.Air Energy Storage

Li-Ion Batteries for Grid Applications

Enegy from Waste Energy

Glass for H2-Storage

Liqu. Air Energy Storage 

Distributed  Generation

Microgrids forTough Environments

Modeling Micro Grids

Hybrid Micro Grids

Distributed vs. Centralized Power Generation

 H2 Energy Storage

Net Metering

Small Gas Turbine Applications

Micro Turbines

Fuel Cells



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