Air & Water Quality Permitting / Compliance Management

Construction Permit Applications

  • NSR/PSD Permits
  • Minor Source Permits
  • Atmospheric Impact Modeling

Operating Permit Applications

  • Title V Operating Permits/Renewals
  • Minor Operating Permits
  • General Operating Permits

Water Quality Permit Applications

  • NPDES permits
  • QAPPs, BMPs

Alternative Permits

  • Owner-Requested Limits
  • Pre-Approved Emission Limits
  • Plant-Wide Applicability Limits/Emission Trading

Permit Compliance Management & Reporting

  • Compliance training and data management
  • Periodic compliance reporting and compliance certifications
  • Assisting in comprehensive environmental management

Air Quality Permitting - Compliance Management

Technical and Agency Assistance for Compliance Problems

Health Risk Assessments

NEPA – Environmental Impact Statements

Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories

Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plans (SPCC)

‘TANKS’ Emission Modeling